After the Holidays: 9 Ways To Get Back On Track

December 30, 2014


Get Back On Track with Tips From The Vegan Bikini Doc

Make these 9 tips a habit in the coming year for continued health, well-being and success.

et’s face it, we all blow our calorie budget every now and then.  By consuming an extra 500 calories per day, you could gain two pounds in two weeks over the holidays....yikes!

So now that the festive holiday season is over, what do you do to get back on track?

Here's are some things you can do to get back on track to establishing healthier habits in the New Year.

Dr. Harriet Davis is a board-certified family medicine and sports medicine physician with a passion for motivating and inspiring others.  She is also a wife, mother, and an IFBB Professional bikini athlete.  A former track athlete, Harriet has been a sports enthusiast for over 20 years.  With her devotion to health and fitness, it is hardly a surprise that Harriet has found recent success as a 100% vegan bikini competitor.

Harriet's passion is to help others achieve optimal health and wellness through living a fit and healthy lifestyle.  She uses her blog Vegan Bikini Doc to inspire others to find balance in family, fitness, and plant-based nutrition.

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